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Our Headquarters - Tampa, Fl

Our corporate headquarters can support classes up to 25 people at a time.

Many companies use our in house training facility for new hires or new to role employees.  This can be a cost effective way to bring employees where they need to be.  We can also do emergency or short notice classes in house.

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We have clients from Miami to Seattle and everywhere in between. 

Depending on the size of your business and number of employees, you might save money and time by scheduling us to come to you.  Many of our clients schedule us the same time every year to avoid deficiencies.  Did you hire someone mid year?  Send them to us and we will them back on your annual schedule next year.  We custom tailor your training to you meaning it will be relevant and fit your time constraints.  Can't stop operations?  We have offered training around the clock so that all three shifts could attend.  Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.  

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Courses - Contact us for Dates

DOT Motor Carrier Compliance    $95
OSHA 10-Hour / Construction       $195
OSHA 10-Hour / Gen Industry       $195
Fall Protection / Construction        $295
Confined Space                                        $295
Forklift Operations Certification  $95
Hazard Communication                     $295
DOT Hazardous Materials                $925
Respiratory Protection / SCBA      $195
Intro to Industrial Hygiene               $195
OSHA Record Keeping                       $55

Courses may be subject to a minimum number of students